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You are as unique as a crystal of snow, as powerful as the rain and as vibrant as sunlight. If you are ready to embrace your potential, then I am here to support you. 

Exclusively YOU Coaching is your dedicated support partner, that will be walk with you, as you walk into the future you deserve.


Exclusively YOU Coaching was founded by

Marcelle,. A Person Centred, Emotional Well-being Coach.

Marcelle has grown from her own experiences of long-term trauma and decades of living in survival mode. Exclusively YOU Coaching has grown from Marcelle's passion for supporting others to grow and achieve their potential, by breaking free from the anchors of their past.

Marcelle is a true believer in collaboration and is building a team of qualified, experienced Coaches and Mentors.

Contact us for more details.


Exclusively YOU Coaching offers a high value service and range of options to support you in the best way, that works for you. 

Options include: 

  • Peer Support Networks

  • Mentoring Service

  • Group Packages

  • 1-2-1 Coaching


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