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Peer Support Networks


Reaching out for support is often a tough first step, At Exclusively YOU Coaching we know that sometimes, just being in a supportive environment can make all the the difference.

We run 3 Peer Support Networks: 


​For more details please contact us.

and THE EYC Exclusive Membership


The EYC Group Collection


The benefits of growing in a small group, have been known for centuries, the benefits of the EYC Group Collection are new. 

The Perfect fit of:

  • Blended support,

  • Peer networking, 

  • Ethical and effective coaching. 

The EYC Group Collection is delivered by qualified Coaches and can be accessed 'In Person' and 'Online' video Call Platforms


Fresh Starts

Achieving NOW

Private & Confidential (Invitation Only)

The EYC Mentoring Service


Did you know, you already have all the answers you need? No? Don't worry most of us don't realise this either. 

Mentoring is a truly effective way of tapping in to the answers that we have already locked away inside our minds. 

The EYC Mentoring Service is able to match your needs and experience to that of a Mentor that can support you. 

Exclusively YOU 1-2-1 Coaching


The most effective and direct Coaching option is always based on a collaborative, open, respectful and confidential working partnership. 

Exclusively YOU 1-2-1 Coaching is based on this premise. 

Marcelle has developed 3 amazing options that give you maximum flexibility in the support you choose. 

Bespoke Response Coaching

The 1-2-1 Bundle

Liquid Gold Coaching

For more details please contact us.

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